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As WW II ended and the Soldiers across the world returned home with welcome. This lead to a global population explosion. Soon this came to be called the Boomer era that begin in 1946 as the Census reported huge rises or 'Boom' in Birth Certificates.  

Some reviewers say by 1964 or 1965 in the USA saw the Births count subside. Some say 1957 was when the WW II effect subsided which depends on who reports the why and when. Another issue that births decidedly dropped back in the mid 1960's are final evidence.  

The USA being a larger population and protected by two Oceans was unscathed by the wars had the greatest Boom.  "Baby Boomers", became a namesake for the period and the offspring born with of brilliant ambition. 

As the first Boomer youth grew to age 20 by 1966 the Boomer effect soon became and proved to  be a major influence in the world. Soon these new populations where leaving huge footprints in history to remain far into the future.  This could be simply how evolution of modern society works. If that is true many more changes and even greater innovations are on the horizons. 

Beginning in the 1960's at first the Cloths, music and Hair styles made changes. Independent thinking caused protest and near chaos as the mandatory duty for governments to prepare for any war as expected by war as goal of reason had to end.

The  Boomer impact has changed the world  with Education, Science, vast and fearless imagination to bring Earth real investment in innovation.  It was a struggle to break into changes never before imagined.

Applying for discussion the example of the Rotary Phone. It is now only a relic of the technology before the Boomer generation and now a seldom seen tool Today. 

Great leaps in day to day lives of  boomers since the 1950's include household words like Spaceship, Astronaut, Orbit, Binary, Computer, GPS, Tech, TV, Dial-up internet, Fiber Optic, Network to Android and iPhone. These are household words in 2020. The result from the huge opportunity of education and technology these terms are societal slang.  

Part from from innovations, Technology and building on prior generations are results of that made this world of 2020.

Business now relies on the new innovations and is a step forward. Many homes now have a computer in or near the kitchen equipment and most people in America have a cell phone in their pocket.

Interestingly are phrases that are now lost, such as, "between You, Me and the Fence Post" meaning to not share information as gossip. This is now little or no meaning. That is replaced with questions  like, "is the CPU Hacker Proof and is the Firewall updated daily."  

Conversational fear today is your system updated by the minute. Of course the specifications and warnings are never read and one click install is a mandatory minimum.

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As for What the Boomers saw in their time and became ...




Beginning From the Space Race to the Cuban Missile Crisis, "DUCK AND COVER DRILLS DAILY", the Cold War which are all now only stories or Iconic Phrases of that period seldom  taught today. 

Sadly, TIME has lost these as fascination found history books or Boomer's memories. These were Global Changes of the times and hard for Older and newer generations to imagine as important. 

To Describe the Boomers Era, Generally, after WW II the only unscathed industrial nation in 1945 was the USA. As Soldiers returned home to America there was a desperate need that we help to rebuild the world Economy and Industries. 

The Boomers of USA created a new found and never seen success for World economies. As the only nation unscathed by the last two wars the USA supplied materials and labor and succeeded well bringing the world back from devastation. 

With a world to rebuilt Democracy became the standard for most European nations. Communism lead by Russia claimed the remaining Eastern Europe by post war treaties. 

The joy of youthful energy and home life comfort with stable income that was the way of life in America which soon became a unique culture. The rewards of Trade and brought to the USA unplanned success for Americans created a unique culture only in the USA. 

Few other countries had this gifted reward as they climbed back from the WW II devastation to the new shared peace and economies of democracy. 

Into the Unknown the Baby Boomers broke records of change ...






In Post WW II Time soon restored the world to a higher level of markets and peace greater than ever imagined. With the  success there followed a Technology boom which also came primarily from America. 

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